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About 13 Days After

You are a survivor of a zombie virus and it is up to you to help the survivors and battle this virus. You can go to many different locations in Cape Liberty and your goal is to reach Liberty Island and stop the infestation of the virus. You have to search for other survivors so they can help you out. You have a range of weaponry at your disposal.

Hints and Tips
Try to aim at the zombies’ heads, rather than their torsos.
Get most people to look for supplies and survivors (as they can help you shoot the zombies).

13 Days After Instructions

- Mouse to aim and shoot
- [1-2-3] to select weapon
- [Q][E] to switch weapon up and down
- [R] or Spacebar to reload
- [4][F][M] to switch fire mode
- [P] or [esc] to pause game